Bonjour Delilah epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury in non-toxic skincare, inspired by Gillian's dog, Delilah's affection for licking lotion off of her.  Crafted with meticulous care and a passion for skincare safety, our formulations prioritize your skin's well-being. We recognize skincare as more than just surface beauty; it's about nurturing a living, breathing organ. Every ingredient is carefully selected, blending the best of cutting-edge science with nature's treasures, ensuring transformative results with each use, all with nontoxic and organic ingredients.

Gillian's quest for wellness once took her on a vegetarian odyssey, only to find herself deficient in several critical nutrients and struggling with health challenges.  When she began to incorporate grass fed beef into her diet, she also learned about the benefits of applying tallow to the skin.   With a rich trove of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, this resplendent elixir is a testament to nature's brilliance.  At Bonjour Delilah, we cherish the ethos that nothing should ever go to waste, and thus, we reverently embrace grass-fed tallow as an irreplaceable, sustainable ingredient. And as it turns out, Delilah can't resist its allure either!

Our dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of our formulations.  Recognizing the synergy of natural and synthetic ingredients, Gillian embarked on creating a skincare line that harmoniously combines non-toxic elements with cutting-edge actives. This fusion encapsulates the best of both worlds, offering products that celebrate the brilliance of nature while leveraging scientific innovation for optimal skin nourishment.  Each product transcends the realm of a simple skincare routine; it becomes a luxurious moment of self-care you eagerly anticipate, delighting all your senses.  The nourishment, hydration, and transformative power of our formulations bestow a healthy, dewy glow that becomes your signature. It's the radiance that you'll proudly wear and others will envy.

Today, Bonjour Delilah stands as a passion project and the realization of a dream. With an unshakeable belief in the transformative power of clean products and a profound love for animals, Bonjour Delilah is dedicated to making a meaningful impact, pledging to donate $1 for every product sold to support animal rescue charities. Together, let's not only embrace the luxury of radiant skin but also contribute to a world where every dog finds a loving home.

Welcome to Bonjour Delilah, where your skin's vitality and our love for dogs converge.