Our Founder

Meet Gillian, the visionary founder of Bonjour Delilah. She brings a unique blend of nutrition, holistic health, and skincare expertise. Inspired by her dog Delilah, Gillian created this brand, where her passion for skincare is evident in every product she creates.

Gillian's interest in the healing power of nutrition began with her health challenges and her desire to heal and nurture. A pivotal moment came when her mother gifted her Phyllis A. Balch's book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," which unveiled the transformative potential of food, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. Motivated by a deep desire to share this knowledge, Gillian pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and delved into holistic health and wellness. She worked with medical professionals for nearly two decades, offering cutting-edge products like stem cells, peptides, specialty lab testing, and supplements.

Throughout her career, Gillian's passion for skincare remained strong. She fondly recalls reading Paula Begoun's "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," which ignited her commitment to clean and effective skincare. This dedication is evident in every product she creates for Bonjour Delilah.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Gillian's love for dogs has been a constant in her life. Baby and Delilah are not just pets but family, enriching her life with their boundless love and loyalty. Her vision, rooted in a holistic approach to health and her love for animals, aims to create luxurious, non-toxic skincare products.